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A new feature is coming up at Online Quran Teachers, so you can memorize Quran online. 

Do you want to learn the Holy Quran in Arabic wherever you are? Our website has added you the possibility to memorize the word of Allah online. 

Let's discover together how to make our learning even more comfortable. 

Online Quran Teachers is a website that facilitates for three years reading and listening to the Holy Quran in two languages: Arabic, English and which allows studying with phonetics. Today, a new feature is emerging on the site: memorization. 

The importance of repetition in learning the Quran is no longer to prove. The more you hear a verse and repeat it, the more likely you are to retain it fluently. And the benefits are many: you will be perfect in recitation, your pronunciation, and sharpen your listening. There is no doubt that memorization works with patience and perseverance. Also, with our new feature, we wanted to maximize your ability to learn anywhere and anytime. 

No need to stop the daily routine you can go to work, on business, leisure or family outing. Learn Quran Online through your smartphone in your pocket. You make the most of your travel time to advance your learning. And your progress will be considered day by day Insha Allah.

The Quran follows you everywhere to foster optimal learning. It only remains for us to practice the lessons learned from this way of learning as our pious predecessors did. 

Narrated by Imam Ahmed, according to Abu Abdurahman As Soulami: The Companions of the Prophet, peace, and blessings upon him, who taught us the Quran, told us that they took from the Prophet, peace, and salvation on him. Ten verses and never made the other ten before taking the science contained in these verses. Thus, we learned the Quran, its science and applied it at the same time.

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