Types of aluminum chain

When making jewelry, it's important to make sure you find the right material to thread your beads or use as a support for your pendants or charms, because this choice can affect the fashion and functionality of your final piece. Aluminum chains are an excellent choice for jewelry makers as they are strong, lightweight, and good value for money. There are also many different types of aluminum chains available, so it will generally be possible to find something that is suitable for your project if you spend some time looking at the catalog or website of a reputable jewelry supply retailer. These are just some of the different types of chains that are available to buy in the standard aluminum range:

Thick Link Chains
These chains look thicker and feel heavier than some other chain styles. The pieces of metal themselves are often so thick that there is hardly a hole visible in the center of each link in the chain. These thicker and heavier aluminum chains are a very popular choice for men's jewelry.

Decorative link chains
These chain links are much more delicate than the thicker alternative link style. Although they are still strong, they are generally very light. Chains can be obtained with small links, or with links that are larger but still use very thin pieces of aluminum. These types of aluminum are generally used for jewelry pieces that are more delicate, such as a beautiful pendant that can be worn for a wedding or other special occasion.

Cross chains
These chains are an alternative style. While the links of the torsion chains are slightly twisted so that they can sit side by side without problems, the links of the cross chains are straight and have been placed at right angles to each other, to give a surprising effect. These chains are often used for slightly more casual jewelry items that still look delicate.

Gold or silver plated aluminum chains
Gold or silver plated chains are a great value way to add a touch of class to your jewelry projects. While the interior of these Online Cuban Chain Shop is made of aluminum, the exterior of these chains was covered in real gold or silver. These chains are strong and very versatile. If you want to make gold or silver jewelry, plated aluminum is a great way to cut costs compared to buying solid gold or silver chains.

Color Aluminum Chains
It is also possible to buy these chains in a wide range of different colors, in addition to the standard shades of gold and silver. These colored chains are an excellent choice for those who want to make fun and original jewelry that stands out from the norm. There are many different colors available, so it will generally be possible to find something that suits your needs. Color chains are available in many different link sizes, thicknesses, and styles.

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