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What’s more, just because she’s currently allied with Grindelwald doesn’t mean that Queenie’s evil now. It’s just that Grindelwald’s talk of a new world seems like a better prospect than the one she’s trapped in. What’s more, Sudol makes the point that it’s not even like Queenie’s particularly easily manipulated, as Grindelwald also got under Dumbledore’s skin in the past.
“I still believe in her heart of hearts she’s going over to fight what she believes in. Grindelwald is saying, ‘we’re creating a different world’ and the world that she is in is broken. I don’t believe she’s turning evil. It’s more like she’s trying to find somebody who is giving her an option. He’s manipulating her but he’s manipulating everybody. He even did that with Dumbledore.”
Queenie begins the sequel desperate to find a way to be with Jacob, even though a witch marrying a muggle is illegal in the UK. Estranged from her sister Tina and having had a fight with Jacob, Grindelwald’s able to gain Queenie’s trust with his words of fighting for love – which are all lies, as he wants to take over the world and subjugate all muggles.
Her story will continue in Fantastic Beasts 3 of course, which – like The Crimes of Grindelwald – will travel to another part of the globe. Evidence points to Rio de Janeiro being the new setting, but for now, that remains unconfirmed.
Source: EW
[FULL MOVIE] Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) - Where to watch online


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