Enjoy The Festivals Of Havana

One of the things that you can guarantee about major cities around the world is that they all like to host festivals. These festivals are a great way of entertaining the local population and to stimulate the economy. There is also the added bonus that these festivals can welcome lots of tourists to the city, which can further boost the local economy. As you would expect, Havana is the focus of festivals in Cuba and there are a number of different festivals which Cuba presents to the world.
Havana International Jazz Festival
Given the love of music and the passion for dance and entertainment, it is very natural for music to be prominent in the list of festivals provided by Cuba. The Havana International Jazz Festival is an extremely popular and famous festival in the city. The tireless work carried out by a number of jazz musicians from Cuba set up the festival and the inaugural event was held at the Casa de La Cultural Plaza. This venue can be found in the downtown area of Havana and hosts gigs and performances throughout the year.
Another major arts festival held in Havana is the International Havana Ballet Festival. This festival was first held in 1960 thanks to a collaborative effort by the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, many Government departments and the tourist board. This festival is held in every second year and is held in numerous venues around the city. The festival does not have a competitive edge, preferring to showcase the talent and to provide a platform for performers to engage with each other. It is regarded as one of the most important events in the ballet industry and it is eagerly awaited every alternative year.
Havana International Film Festival
There are film festivals taking place all over the world but the Havana International Film Festival places a spotlight on the work of Spanish language films. The first ever film festival took place in December in 1979 and the festival has taken part in December every year since. There are many different film and movie categories recognised by the festival and it has played a strong role in introducing many major films to a worldwide audience.
Another major festival which is warmly received in Havana is the Cigar Festival. This takes place in February every year and is spread out across five days. Some of the events taking place during the event include tours of cigar factories, trade fairs, seminars, classes on how to roll the perfect Cuban cigar and visits to the plantations where tobacco is grown. This festival is one that is enjoyed by those from within the global Cuban industry and by cigar lovers.
The wide range of festivals provided by Havana ensures that there is a constant flow of tourists into the city. This provides local businesses and industries with the opportunity to present themselves to global industries and travellers. Whether you visit Cuba for business or pleasure, the sights and sounds of a Cuban festival will be a highlight of your stay.
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